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Catmint Oil

Price : INR 650.00

Catmint Oil

We are offering catmint oil. "description the root is perennial and sends up square, erect and branched stems, 2 to 3 feet high, which are very leafy and covered with a mealy down. The heartshaped, toothed leaves are also covered with a soft, close down, especially on the under sides, which are quite white with it, so that the whole plant has a hoary, greyish appearance, as though it had had dust blown over it. Uses producing free perspiration, it is very useful in colds. Catmint tea is a valuable drink in every case of fever, because of its action in inducing sleep and producing perspiration without increasing the heat of the system. It is good in restlessness, colic, insanity and nervousness, and is used as a mild nervine for children, one of its chief uses being, indeed, in the treatment of children's ailments. The infusion of 1 oz. To a pint of boiling water may be taken by adults in doses of 2 table spoonsful, by children in 2 or 3 tea spoonsful frequently, to relieve pain and flatulence. An injection of catmint tea is also used for colicky pains"


Size 15ml

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