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Wolfsbane Oil

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Wolfsbane Oil

We are offering wolfsbane oil. "wolf's bane oil is an oil that is extracted from arnica montana, a perennial plant that is commonly found in both siberian and european mountain ranges. The plant is also grown in the mountains of north america and canada. The essential wolf's bane oil is extremely toxic and must not be used in aromatherapy. The essential oils should be stored separately from other essential oils. The infused arnica oil is the preparation that is actually safe to use. Uses wolf's bane oil is highly beneficial for the treatment of bruises, acne, inflammation from insect bites, hair loss (used by rubbing on scalp, but first make sure there is no broken skin), muscle aches, sprains, rheumatic pain, superficial phlebitis, pulled muscles, tendon strain, wound, and swelling due to fractures. Wolf's bane oil when used for external purposes should be infused with vegetable oil. The infused oil is very beneficial for injured muscles and excellent as massage oil for sore muscles and sport injuries because it helps to minimize bruising and to relax tensed muscles."


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