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Borage Essential Oil

Borage Essential Oil

Borage has a history of medicinal and culinary use that dates back over 1,500 years. It's cultivated and widely used in Europe for its healing properties and as a nice addition to salads, soups and sauces, or eaten by itself as a healthy side dish. Even borage flowers are edible, and are often candied as a cake decoration or made into sweet syrup. Borage oil is one of the herbal oils that I recommend for helping alleviate pain and other symptoms of inflammation. This oil has many other uses, such as :

  • Moisturizing your skin. It's an effective natural anti-aging oil that repairs and hydrates your skin.
  • Aid in relieving discomfort among women, such as breast tenderness, premenstrual stress, endometriosis, 6 PMS symptoms and menopausal symptoms. Borage oil also helps ease related cramping and pain.
  • Assist in easing respiratory disorders. Borage oil has long been used in folk medicine to help treat cough and sore throat. It contains a gel-like substance called mucilage, which help soothe your mucous membranes.
  • Reducing stress and high blood pressure A study conducted on 30 Canadian university students found that those who took borage oil capsules reduced their stress vulnerability after 28 days of supplementation.


Details :

  • Botanical Name - Borago officinalis
  • Country of Origin - China
  • Rate/kg - Rs. 4000.00

15gm :

  • INR Rate - 230.00
  • $ Rate - 36.71

30gm :

  • INR Rate - 290.00
  • $ Rate - 37.68

100gm :

  • INR Rate - 570.00
  • $ Rate - 42.19

250gm :

  • INR Rate - 1180.00
  • $ Rate - 52.03

500gm :

  • INR Rate - 2000.00
  • $ Rate - 68.26

  • 15ml Borage Essential Oil

  • 30ml Borage Essential Oil

  • 100ml Borage Essential Oil

  • 250ml Borage Essential Oil

  • 500ml Borage Essential Oil

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