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Lantana Essential Oil

Lantana Essential Oil

Lantana camara is a small perennial shrub which can grow to around 2m in height and forms dense thickets in a variety of environments. Due to extensive selective breeding throughout the 17th and 18th Century for use as an ornamental plant there are now many different forms of L. camara present throughout the world.

Uses :
It has several uses, mainly as a herbal medicine and in some areas as firewood and mulch. The leaves are used to relieve itching. Other uses are against flu, colds, coughs, fevers, yellow fever, dysentery and jaundice. The roots are used for gonorrhea. The use of lantana extracts as potential biocides have been suggested. Lantana oil is sometimes used for the treatment of skin itches, as an antiseptic for wounds and externally for leprosy and scabies. Lantana repels other plants and other groups of organisms such as insects. Lantana oil is used externally for leprosy and scabies. Plant extracts are used as medicine for the treatment of cancers, chicken pox, measles, asthma, ulcers, swellings, eczema, tumors, high blood pressure, bilious fevers, catarrhal infections, tetanus, rheumatism, malaria and atoxy of abdominal viscera.


Details :

  • Botanical Name - LANTANA CAMERA
  • Country of Origin - Medagasker
  • Rate/kg - Rs. 7000.00

15gm :

  • INR Rate - 275.00
  • $ Rate - 37.44

30gm :

  • INR Rate - 380.00
  • $ Rate - 39.13

100gm :

  • INR Rate - 870.00
  • $ Rate - 47.03

250gm :

  • INR Rate - 1930.00
  • $ Rate - 64.13

500gm :

  • INR Rate - 3500.00
  • $ Rate - 92.45

  • 15ml Lantana Essential Oil

  • 30ml Lantana Essential Oil

  • 100ml Lantana Essential Oil

  • 250ml Lantana Essential Oil

  • 500ml Lantana Essential Oil

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